Documentaries / Television Clips

Travel the Undiscovered
Ann Coppel Productions, LLC / PBS Travel TV Series
Travel the Undiscovered is a global adventure in vivid high definition. This PBS Television travel series invites viewers to experience places few have ever seen, to meet the people who live there, and to learn about their culture. An exceptional interpersonal connection to the world – through culture, art, food, history, nature, business and adventure. Season One’s “Mythic Route 40 Argentina” explores Argentina’s breathtaking landscapes and unique culture by traveling 5200 Km along the country’s backbone, the Andes Mountains, on the mythic Route 40.

Tasting Life — Documentary Series Promo
Tasting Life is a documentary television series that explores the growing global movement to save disappearing foods, flavors, and the lifestyles that cultivate them. Through lavish imagery, engaging story-telling and lively interviews, Tasting Life addresses the question, "Are the key ingredients of pleasure being processed out of our food and our fast-paced lives?"

The Hope
Ann Coppel, Director
Ann Coppel Productions, LLC
44 min
The Hope is a fast-paced, upbeat documentary explores the phenomenon of Jewish Rock Music through the story of Jewish Rock Star, Rick Recht and the young people he is inspiring to get involved with Jewish life. The film is currently making the rounds at Jewish Film Festivals and special screenings.

A Journey of Spirit
Ann Coppel, Director
Ann Coppel Productions, LLC
75 min
A Journey of Spirit is an award-winning television documentary tells the story of the remarkable singer, songwriter and guitarist Debbie Friedman. One of the preeminent women in contemporary Jewish culture, Debbie has integrated contemporary melody with Jewish liturgy to transform Jewish sacred music, making the text accessible to a large and diverse audience. To learn more visit
1ST PRIZE AWARD for the BEST NEW JEWISH FILM, Detroit Jewish Film Festival (2005)
BEST FILM, National Council of Jewish Women Film Festival (2004)
Audience Favorite (2nd place), Argentina Intl. Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Audience Favorite-Documentary (2nd runner-up), Desert Jewish Film Festival (2005)

Ramona Solberg – Jeweler, Teacher, Traveler
Living Treasures Television Series, NWDC
Ann Coppel, Director
Ann Coppel Productions, LLC
28 min

The Living Treasures series, produced for Northwest Designer Craftsmen, is an ongoing series of award-winning video profiles documenting the Northwest’s most important and influential elder craft professionals.

For information on Ramona Solberg and other artists in the series, go to:

Living Treasures Series Awards:
CINE Golden Eagle
Houston WorldFest Medal
Houston WorldFest Platinum Award
Platinum Best of Show - Aurora Awards
Gold Emerald City Awards
Silver Emerald City Award
Bronze Tellys
Bronze Summit Awards
New York Festivals Finalists
Honorable Mention—Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction—Communicator Awards

Soul Queens
Experience Music Project Museum
Ann Coppel, Director
Ann Coppel Productions, LLC
17 min
Soul Queens is a high energy, short documentary produced for the Experience Music Project Museum. The program traces the evolution of U.S. female soul singers from Mahalia Jackson to Aretha Franklin and Mary K. Blige.

Baby Caleb
The Learning Channel
Ann Coppel, Segment Producer
Baby Caleb is the story of a family dealing with a rare birth defect and the amazing doctors who work with them.

The Don Walker Story
Nurturing the Spirit Television Segment, Hallmark Entertainment
Ann Coppel, Director
The Don Walker Story is a 3 minute segment for Hallmark’s ‘Nurturing the Spirit’ morning show. Don is a ballroom dancer and dance instructor who shares his passion for dancing.

Speaking For Ourselves
Ann Coppel, Co-Director, Producer (Diversity Productions)
27 min.
Speaking for Ourselves is a television documentary that profiles five Lesbian and Gay youth who represent a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. By associating names and faces with critical issues, viewers learn about the challenges of substance abuse, teen suicide, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, survival prostitution and malicious harassment. Additionally, Speaking for Ourselves highlights self-determined young people whose activism leads to family reconciliation and successful peer education. This documentary provides an opportunity to experience their courage, keen intellect and deep compassion.
Gold Award & Silver Award—CPB
CINE Golden Eagle
Silver Award—WorldFest
Silver Apple - Nat'l Educational Film/Video Festival
Bronze Award—Columbus Int’l Film Festival
Bronze Award—Houston Int’l Film Festival
Featured Program—Natl. Asian Amer. TV Assoc
Featured Program—Seattle Asian Film Festival
Featured Program—Monteal Intl. Film Festival
Featured Program—OutFest ’95
Featured Program—San Francisco Int’l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
NW Regional Emmy Awards Nominee
Women In Film Nell Shipman Award Finalist
3rd Place Award - Berkeley Film Festival